giovedì 11 settembre 2014

My first gothic dress!

Hello folks! Today I'd like to introduce you my latest creation, a gothic dress!
Many of you (perhaps) don't know I'm a gothic girl and this kind of fashion was my daily clothing when I was around 20. Now I dress in a more casual way but (when I can) I put on my long black skirts and tops. As model, I spent so much money in buying gothic/victorian outfits for the shootings but, actually, I don't have enough budget to do online shopping. So, after a whole year of historical inspired costumes, I decided to sew a gothic dress by my own. I'm completely obsessed in what we call "medieval gothic", a kind of gothic fashion inspired by medieval times with long dresses and huge sleeves, tiaras, capes and so on; I have many dresses in this style but they're never enough (I'm a woman!) and I think this is the model which fits me at best. 
I used the same pattern of my previous medieval dress "Igraine" (tutorial here: but with some differences since now I'm more expert. I choose a simple black crushed velvet for the main dress and the remnants of the burgundy taffeta I had from the Tudor dress (some photos here: I purchased some lace and a ribbon of black organza for decorating the neckline. The main difference of this dress are the lined sleeves. This was my first attempt with lining and I have to admit it can make the difference in a gown: the sleeves are so soft and captivating, refined and look more professional. I was scared since lining seemed so difficult to my eyes but I was wrong!  If you don't use it yet start to consider it, your clothes will last longer and will be more comfortable to wear (lining is also useful to hide the inner construction of the garment, as seam allowances, stitches and other things that can make your work look poorer). For gothic dresses I suggest the classic satin/taffeta lining, black for the body and in any colour/fabric you want for the sleeves. 

 photo IMG_20140908_214843_zps6be8a125.jpg

 photo IMG_20140910_160031_zps26efa0b9.jpg

Another detail of my dress: I lost some weight since march (when I used the pattern for the first time), so it fits actually large on the back. My pattern didn't include size 8 so I've been forced to pin it on the back. I wanted to apply eyelets but I don't know if they work good on crushed velvet so let's go for two simple seams. Next time I'll use a back lacing with lace at sides and a ribbon, which looks surely better than my seams :P
As trims I went for a classic black lace at center sides and black organza on the neckline which looks so elegant. I avoided the black lace on sleeves as well but I went for a burgundy one on my arm. I didn't take many photos during the construction but I'll use the dress for a photo-shoot soon. Note: the dress has to be ironed still!

Sorry for the blurry photos but they're taken from my Instagram account. 

 photo IMG_20140910_210436_zps7e0e133d.jpg

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