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Edwardian skirt and blouse, circa 1900-1905

I've always been fascinated by the style of early Edwardian era, with those lightweight blouses, fabrics, delicate laces and floating skirts. While I made a lot of 1910s costumes for me and clients, I never had the opportunity to make something earlier for me except an old white dress made after a Butterick pattern.  Last Sunday I had to act in a very early Edwardian event so I definitely needed to sew something. I wanted something practical but elegant at the same time so what's better than a blouse and a skirt? Unfortunately I didn't take construction pics, the process was extremely fast.  Fabrics used: - Cotton sateen in brown for the skirt, flat lined in cotton - Cotton voile in white for the blouse (Ikea curtain, from a thrift store), flat lined in cotton - White lace fabric for chest insertion and cuffs - White lace trim to cover up chest insertion Blouse was made first. I cut bodice, peplum and sleeves before working on the lace. Cuffs are lined

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