sabato 28 giugno 2014

Edwardian dress diaries

Hello folks! Finally I have some spare time to write a new entry!
Some weeks ago we had a lovely sunny day here in Italy and after taking some classical shots I could come back home to wear my Edwardian outfit! I started to sew a year ago and this is my second Edwardian inspired ensemble. I know it's not 100% accurate (as my other costumes) but I don't have advanced skills and my budget is quite small. I used Simplicity pattern n.8399 as the previous Edwardian/Titanic era costume I sewed (full tutorial here: but with some differences: I decided to avoid the open overdress as in the previous one since it looked too much Regency at my eyes due to the huge back (it needs lot of pleats). With this one I did pleats on the back trying to make it more fitting, but I think it's still too large on the hips. 

The fabric is soft grey striped satin cotton with a black satin ribbon laced on the backunder the bust. The lace is the part I love at most: I found it at the local market at a very cheap price! I simply love how it falls on the arms. I know the hat is not Edwardian but I still have to find one. As jewels I wore a pearl parure without rings or bracelets. They cannot be visible but I was wearing a pair of black leather boots (for a good pair of Edwardian shoes check American Duchess out, her creations are awesome!). And now the parasol: it's a truly vintage piece from 50 years ago and it completes the look perfectly with all that white lace.


I didn't take so much photos during the construction - I'm so sorry - but it's the same of the previous costume. I uploaded some photos on my Instagram account, anyway: 


The fabric is really soft and smooth, a pleasure to work with! The only problem is it need lot of ironing before being worn.
Other shots from the day: 

I really enjoyed the walk with the costume, I wore it during an historical fair as well and some people asked me where they could find a dress like this :3 I was pleased because they were all surprised I'm a beginner costumer and seamstress *pride&joy*
I'm planning to sew other Edwardian costumes in the future, I'm in love with the swimdress worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic so who knows...maybe I'll try to reproduce that one.

All my costumes can be purchased on my Etsy shop:
I hope you'll have some minutes to visit it!

*Updates September 2015*
I stitched again this dress, giving it a more elegant shape. The skirt has been hemmed in a better way and I added a black trim at the bottom. Every seam has been serged (no lining due to lack of budget). The lace has been sewn completely by hand.
The costume is listed on my Etsy shop and it's ready to be shipped! :)

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