Notte bianca romana Acqui Terme, 2016

While browsing this blog a couple of days ago, I realized one of the entries dating back to 2016 was missing. I don't know what happened, I'm absolutely sure to have written and published that post, but it seems it has gone lost. That post was about my latest event with IX Regio, which took place in Acqui Terme in June 2016. June. We are in January. I have to write again about an experience from more than 6 months ago, how funny. 

So, let's try to remember. Last year we have been invited to join again the "Notte Bianca Romana" in Acqui Terme. Two months before we attended "Natale di Roma" in Rome and so I absolutely wanted to wear again my green (and brand new) outfit. The weather was really hot and wet so - as I expected - I suffered a lot and spent most of my time sitting at the table waiting for the night to come. Towards the evening we got some clouds (hurray!) so I could stand up a little and enjoy the event. 

I'm not a club person so I don't dance or get out on Saturday night (so much work to do at home!) and I'm not the best person to describe an event like this. But I'll try... The event was in two parts, historical in the afternoon and modern in the night, with all the shops open and so on. I think you should have evenings like this too, "notte bianca" means "white night" in English. Anyway, the group did some reenacting stuff in the afternoon and early evening, including gladiator fights (the guys were wearing the colorful subligaculum I made for them the week before - unfortunately this photos is on my phone). 

The guys from the group built the caupona with real food and drinks plus a little market, including... guess what? Fabrics? I immediately went to check out the products heheh

And this is! We didn't take more photos since we were reenacting - first - and we didn't join the drinking evening after - second.
As usual, I recommend to visit IX Regio page on Facebook to be updated on their events and my own Fb page to follow my costumes and work in progress photos.

PS: a replica of my Roman outfit but in blue has been ordered on Etsy and the customer was absolutely in love with it! Can't wait to see her photos from "Les grand jeux romains" of Nimes!  

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