Shooting: Arianna Ceccarelli Photography

Hello there! As I told you some days ago, I had a nice time in Rome. I took some amazing photographs with Arianna Ceccarelli Photography in the Aqueducts Park, surrounded by 2.000 years old roman ruins. 
The location was simply suggestive: the park is located on the old Appia road archaeological area, a site every lover of ancient History (and not) should visit. The main structure is the "Aqua Claudia" aqueduct, started by emperor Caligola and completed by his uncle and successor Claudio around 52 a.D., which was the main source of water of imperial Rome. Aqua Claudia was known for its pure water, second to Aqua Marcia only. 


Roman Matron


You can imagine how happy I was to be there: I was in Rome, in a Roman archaeological park, dressed like a matron. But it's not the only outfit I brought that day. We took some gothic shots as well, using the sunset fading light.



Raven Heart

Some backstage shots: 

Arianna Ceccarelli Photography

Thanks to Lele Photography and Martina Costa for the backstage photos! 


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