Confessions of a Gothic model: The Dark Angel Clothing

Hello guys! Today I'd like to start a new series of entries about the gothic lifestyle and fashion.
As gothic girl, I always loved the iconic dark fashion with bat or  long sleeves, corsets and long skirts, and as gothic model I purchased several stuff in these years to make my closet bigger and interesting. 
I'd like to talk about the brands I bought in the past. Some of them are no more active but their products deserve a review. In addiction, I'll talk you about the handmade items I got as sponsor or gifts - the handmade world is so amazing! 

So, let's start with one of the best gothic brands of the world: The Dark Angel Clothing. Many of you surely heard about them, they're active since the early 1990's. They offer a unique range of gothic, fantasy, medieval inspired clothing of high quality. Believe me, their designs are fantastic. 
I own a top and a corset from them and yeah, I can say the materials are really good and the manufacture is excellent. The first item I saw by them on the web is the famous Christina gown in purple; I was browsing the web for some nice gothic images and I immediately fell in love with that dress. The gown is still listed on their shop after so many years so it deserves a visit:  

Look at those sleeves and the vibrant colours! Unfortunately I never had enough budget to buy this dress, so it is in my wish-list still. Another gown I always loved it's the beautiful medieval-gothic Kelmscott gown (someone told me I look like the model wearing the dress hehe).

But let's talk about the items in my closet. As I told you before, I'm the lucky owner of a top and a bodice. The top is sadly discontinued but it's a beautiful rococo style top in black crushed velvet and bell sleeves; it fits perfectly and the fabric is really soft. I worn it a couple of times during my photoshootings;

The top has a very high waistline so I had to wear it with a matching corset but you can leave it free if you have a nice belly. A very similar version of my top with lace is still listed on their website

The corset is not properly a tight corset, but more a bodice as they explain in the website. The boning is made of plastic and it is the only negative feedback I can leave to this brand: a spiral steel boning would have been better, helping the corset to keep it's shape when worn. Despite this, it's beautiful. It's made of soft cotton velvet with satin bias tape all around and black trims. 
The bodice is no more available in the red version but you can find it in black, purple and green. 

The bodice closes on the front with lacing and it's plain behind. The fabric is incredibly soft, a big deal compared to the reduced price (about 30€). 

That's all for now! Do you have a favourite gothic brand to talk about? Let me know! 

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