Claire Fraser blue jacket and skirt from "Outlander"

To be honest, I'm not a great fan of cosplay. I prefer historical costumes or historical inspired fashion with personal touches, recreating a costumes as-it-is is not for me. I always have to add my touch to a creation but you know, I don't  make the rules.
With the increasing demand for Outlander costumes I have to change my point of view a little. I started to watch the show some months ago and I fell in love with the amazing and wild Scottish locations; the costumes are great (even if not so accurate) so I decided to sew some quite close replicas for my Etsy shop
I start with one of Claire's simple outfits, the blue jacket with stomacher and skirt. 

My version:

The show is set in 1740's so you can see boned stomachers, stays and bum rolls all around. My version is made of midnight blue linen with cotton lining, boned linen stomacher and lacing rings on the front. The jacket ends with a waist seam and two small skirts just above the hips. They make a really nice figure when worn with proper underwear. 
The skirt is really simple, with a pleated front and back and slits at sides (so you can reach easily your hanging pockets or pockets hoops underneath). 

This one was made for a customer, so I still have to create a version for me (I prefer the brown jacket shown in a couple of episodes). I also did another version without waist seams and elongated jacket skirts but I find it less elegant so I don't think I'll offer it again. I also omitted the sleeve lining for fitting reasons. It's not a big issues since you're supposed to wear a chemise underneath. 

 And the brown jacket I totally love, without jacket skirts and waist seam:

All these items are listed on my Etsy shop and are available in different sizes and colours. Take a look! 

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