domenica 30 ottobre 2016

Claire Fraser yellow gown from Outlander season 2

Ah, Outlander season 2... those costumes, the parisian atmosphere, the luxury of the court... simply amazing. I loved everything, especially the strongest relationship between Jamie and Claire.

Concerning costumes, I immediately fell in love with the yellow gown Claire wears in one of the first episodes of the show:

After doing a little bit of research I decided to reproduce it for our Etsy shop. The dress looks like a typical mid-1700's gown with contrasting stomacher and petticoat but it's not a robe à la française (I would say it definitely looks like a later gown for the pleated back...); it's worn over proper pocket hoops and the outer edges are embellished with black trim. Easy, simple but elegant (and yes, yellow was a very popoular colour in 18th century: Terry Dresbach knows her stuff!) so started to work on this model at the beginning of the summer. 

I sewn in total three versions of this dress in different sizes and this is one of them, created for a client in size 16. 

The fabric is gold satin duchess with contrasting cotton satin printed with flowers; the bodice is flat lined in cotton to add support and it's not boned since it has to be worn over stays. The black organza trim is all hand sewn and attached to the lining with whip-stitches. The elbows are trimmed with a gold ruffle made of the same fabric. 

I also did a version of the short cloak since the client requested it. 

 The cloak is lined cotton to be warm and has a generous hood. 
The whole outfit took almost three weeks to be completed but it turned out really lovely. The photos don't give it justice, I have a couple of photos sent by one of our clients (for their privacy I cannot publish them yet, it seems legit!) and it looks amazing, the back of the dress ends with a slight train and the sleeves look so rich! Yummy!

To order your own dress, visit our Etsy shop or click on these links: dress and cloak. We strongly recommend to choose the right size after taking measurements really carefully! 
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