venerdì 12 maggio 2017

18th century lower class jacket: worn and loved!

And here we are with some photos of the worn thing :) These are not the definitive photos, we're going to take new shots when the weather will be better. 
I wore the outfit last Sunday during our latest event. It was a long fashion history discussion and I've been asked to show and illustrate my white 1860's dress. Argh! The bodice needed to be restyled a week before the event and in the end, I ended to make another one in another size. Definitely faster and better. I'll write a post about this later. 

Let's talk about the jacket. A success! The fit is great, it's really comfortable and above all, believable! It really looks like an authentic jacket and the cap completed the "poorer" look greatly. The skirt was also a new addition and I'm so happy with this chocolate brown linen. Click here if you missed the previous post about this costume. 

And here I am! 

As usual, we took a video of the thing in motion: 

And some live photos taken during the discussion (people were really interested and curious about my total different look):

And that's all for now! I'm waiting for other photos to show you and I can't wait to wear this outfit again this Sunday in Stupinigi.
Take care! 
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