A 1912 pink chiffon dress

At the beginning of July me and my group (Le Vie del Tempo) had a wonderful time during our latest event in Viù, a small mountain town which was really famous  between the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century as holiday location. Faculty people left the town during summertime to enjoy the fresher weather of this lovely place which actually is still surrounded by woods. One of the most important celebrities of the town was baron Raimondo Franchetti, who married Sara Luisa Rothschild and set the building of this marvellous villa in 1861. 

We had the honour to reenact here, where is told Puccini composed part of "La bohème". For the occasion I could finally restyle my old pink chiffon dress, which was a very personal version of the famous Titanic "swim dress" worn by Kate Winslet.
I don't like to repeat myself, so you can find all the details about the old version here.

Read the previous post? Now forget everything. I basically changed fit, shape and finish of the dress.  The construction has been really straightforward and happened in a couple of days only so I didn't take lot of pics.

First I made a new bodice, altering a little the fit; I covered it with a layer of lace and lined it in cotton, throwing away the old satin; armholes and neckline were then finished with bias tape on the inside.

Then I started to work on the skirts. The upper part of the skirts have been cut according to my lower bust measurements and the seams have been serged.
I added an extra chiffon layer using a leftover which was unfortunately not in the same ivory shade but brightly white, and shortened the old one a bit; then I added the pink overskirt last, always using  a leftover. When I was happy with them, I serged the hem with a very thin rolled hem.

When the dress was finished and skirts sewn in place, I started to hand sewn the lavender taffeta sash and the hooks at the back. The pink sash is made from the same fabric of the over dress and is kept in place by two belt loops at the back.

The overdress has been unaltered, I just hemmed by hand some edges which tended to fray.

And I was done! I added a hat and a natural pearls necklace to complete the look. The whole thing was worn over chemise, corset and petticoat.

 And my hairstyle at last!

I definitely have to take better photos of this dress 'cause I really love how it turned out! It was perfect for the summer weather although it turned out a little bit dirty but it's the price to pay when wearing a white dress outdoors! 

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