Ancient Roman conference "The fear and the fury" for Imagines Project

This is one of the posts that mysteriously disappeared from my blog. I don't know what happened in the past month but more then 4 entries have been deleted, including the one about the latest event with IX Regio, so I have now to remember what I wrote and publish it again. Ok, let's try. At last.

Before being a costumer and a reenactor, I'm mainly a history bachelor. Last year I wrote a short article with professor Filippo Carlà (University of Exeter) about the role of women in ancient reenactment. There's a long story between us. I had my first Ancient Rome exam in 2006 (gosh) with Filippo himself and after then, we kept in touch with Facebook until I switched to my new profile a couple of years ago. He contacted me again last year, asking if I wanted to write an article with him concerning the gender roles in modern reenactment. How could I say "no"? 
It took me a while to send my essay due to the work but I did, and the article came out a couple of months ago in digital format (you can read it here for free) with the title "Performing Empresses and Matronae: Ancient Roman Women in Re-enactment". I was absolutely excited when the article was published and after a couple of months Filippo contacted me again, asking if I wanted to join Imagines project for a conference in Turin about my costuming and reenacting activity. Eeeeeeeek!!

I immediately accepted so I start to work during the summer to my attendance, explaining many aspects of my work and so on. I was absolutely delighted when the guys of Imagines publish a lovely article about me on their website, introducing my participation as guest; ok, I admit: I felt  a little bit out of place among all those professors and experts.

I asked my friend Sara Miao to modelling for me during the event to show another example of Ancient Roman tunic and palla. She wore the blue while I wore the green one. The event was great, I talked about 45 minutes and the public did a lot of questions about costuming and I could also introduce my incoming Byzantine project. I also showed a making of video of my green tunic and palla. 

Then some weeks ago I got a parcel in my inbox. It was the paper version of the article! Squeeeee!
I definitely felt important. Someone asked me on Facebook if I was going to teach on Costume College in Los Angels too but - for the moment - this will remain just a dream. 

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