lunedì 30 aprile 2012

Shooting: Castell'Arquato

Hi little flowers of mine =) Last week I had two wonderful days of shooting, the first in Milan and the second in the beautiful medieval town of Castell'Arquato, near Piacenza. It's always a pleasure for me to visit and take pics at the same time, Castell'Arquato is famous for its historical reenactment during the first half of september and it's the tipical medieval town on the hills surrounded by strong walls.
Most of the structures has been, anyway, modified during XVIII century by romantic architects, so some parts aren't autenthic.
It has been great walking through the town dressed like a medieval lady (or a princess, as some children called me haha), I hope to come back in september for the fair :)

I'd like to thank Stema Photography for the pictures and the visit also in the small Vicolengo, here are the official sites of the sites if you wanna have more informations about ;)

Castell'Arquato official website

Some pics of the shooting:



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