domenica 21 aprile 2013

Arwen Cosplay part II: the pictures

As I already told you on my Facebook page, I managed to take some nice shots last week with my amazing Arwen dress and my old friend Danighost <3>

We visited this magical place:

 photo 3_zps72e9fbbe.png

 photo 4FB_zps5040bdd5.png

This lake was really fantastic. It was the perfect location for this fantasy shooting and we were surrounded by  the sweet water noise, trees, strong wind and hot rays of light.  I know my black wig is not so good and that Arwen had wavy hair, but I couldn't find nothing better at a good price; I'm already looking for a better wig on Ebay but it may take a little for me to buy it. I had also some shots without wig (if you don't know me, I've curly red hair so in the 2nd picture they're natural) and Lele Photography managed to darken them with Photoshop for a more similar look ^^
The tiara I'm wearing is the one by Red Rose Creations.

What do you think? I also took some pics in fantasy style as Vivian, the legendary Lady of the Lake, but I'll show you them later ;)

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