Shooting: Davide Scalia Photography

Last week I drove 50 km away from home to take some shots with the talented photographer Davide Scalia. I was really excited since I had to wear a new medieval dress and I was quite embarrassed because I didn't finish it on time. Yes, I sewed it by my own and everyone that day thought it was bought in store ^_^
The day was really warm and nice, we had a nice time shooting together and I hope to meet him again very soon!
I've a picture to show you, I love how he painted the leaves tones in red and brown. He retouched a little my eyes too to obtain the perfect autumn look, you know my eyes are naturally green. I'll post the whole shooting on my Tumblr profile, so check it out during next weeks! ;)

Davide Scalia Ph

Photo, concept and editing: Davide Scalia Photography
Assistant: Alessandro Castro
Location: Pinerolo (TO)

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