sabato 14 settembre 2013

Shooting: "The River"

Last week me and Lele Photography went out for a nice walk in one of the many natural parks near Turin, where we live. With the help of two friends we managed to take some nice vintage shots. The water was really cold and full of mosquitoes, so it was not the perfect place for swimming eheh
I'd like to thank my friends Lavinia and Maria for their suggestions about my styling, I looked at many pics all around the web to find something nice and to look really...vintage. The dress is from the 70's and I used it last year for the concept dedicated to Flora, called "Madame des Fleurs". The book is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, I thought it would be a perfect companion ;)

You can view the whole project on my Tumblr account too!

All pictures and editing by Lele Photography

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