lunedì 27 marzo 2017

White cotton Directoire dress (1795-1800): let's start!

Some weeks ago I announced I was going to make the Danish white chemise dress for my Directoire events in Riva but the amount of custom orders forced me to finish other things before starting to work on my own dress and actually, I'm late. Really late, if you consider the event is this Sunday.
Ok, let's take a breath all together. 

Directoire fashion is a transitional moment. I have seen a great variety of gowns, fabrics and style while looking at the fashion plates of the time and I realized I could easily alter a late chemise à la reine or a very early Regency gown - and so I did. I used a reference this beautiful indian muslin white dress dating to 1796 as reference (but without the embroidery and the long sleeves).

Other references...

1797 - The Duchess of Osuna, her daughter and granddaughter (Agustín Esteve y Marqués)

1795 - The Duchess of Alba (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes)

Gaspare Landi (1756-1830) Ritratto di gentildonna.

These dresses feature the new, stylish high waistline with gathered neckline but the fitted elbow sleeves so typical throughout 18th century and so I decided to make elbow sleeves as well.


I didn't took photos of the cutting process but I can say I used the bodice pattern of the drawstring gown by Sense and Sensibility "Portrait dress" pattern. It worked beautifully! I just raised the waistline to fit my underbust and the rest has been left unvaried. The back of this dress is fitted so the drawstring will run just in the front of the neckline. The waist will have drawstring too so the back of the dress will remain open a little. I don't worry about the gap, first because I'll wear proper underwear and second because I'll leave my hair down... ah, the beauty of Directoire fashion... :)
I forgot to say the fabric is white cotton cretonne I got from a massive sale on at half of the price. Yay! I won't line the bodice to have a light, soft, summer dress. A proper open robe will be made in the next months.

I cut two simple rectangles to make the skirt, which is approx. 150 cm wide and long enough to reach my feet.
The mock up on the dress form:

Un post condiviso da Il Fiore Nero (Danielle Fiore) (@ilfiorenero_handmade) in data:

The sleeves are from the same pattern. Since I 'm out of time the inside of the dress is machine made and serged to last but the outer finishing will be made by hand, of course.
And that's all for now! I will publish some updates this week =)<
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