sabato 30 novembre 2013

Shooting: Silvano Cph

Hello folks! Today it's a snowy day in Italy! It's the first snow of 2013 and I hope it will be the last ;) I never liked snow, if you live in a big town it means more traffic, more problems to get out and so on, but if you can admire this natural show at home, sitting at your window with a cup of tea... oh well, that's nice then ;)
Anyway, I'd like to show you some pics taken last month in Turin, at the Valentino park. I met for the first time the emergent photographer Silvano Cph to take some gothic and medieval pics, and our meeting has been great!
The pics are really amazing and I hope you'll love them as I do =)


Silvano Cph


by SilvanoCPh
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