mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Medieval - inspired make-up!

Hi little flowers!
Yesterday I had another medieval/fantasy shooting and I’d like to show you my medieval-inspired make-up! J
First of all remember that I’m NOT a make-up artist, so the results couldn’t be perfect. But let’s go. If you attend medieval fairies or re-enactments, you could notice that women don’t wear make-up. Make-up has a very interesting story through the centuries, I found a nice narration here ( 

The first step to obtain a perfect medieval-inspired look is the pale skin; as Roman ladies, medieval high-class women tried to have a perfect pale skin, using particular products which were often dangerous for the health. So if you a natural light skin like me, you are advantaged ;)
Normally I use hot colors to realize this kind of make-up, ‘cause I find them more suitable for historical shootings or events. They give a more natural look than smokey eyes and eyeliner too. First of all, after a perfect cleaning of the skin, I’ve applied a veil of powder and then I used the Max Factor Color Genius foundation with the help of a face brush (I also use sponges, always a little bit wet, in order to avoid that terrible “wet look” on skin!) . After this application, use a little bit of concealer if necessary.
On eyelids I applied the Essence “I love stage!” base for eyeshadow with a wet sponge, but I’m not satisfied at all from this product. 
I don’t like brown eyeshadows but my mother has a very good one by Deborah, which I used to obtain the first shade of color (I always use wet brushes!). Then I used a Pupa trousse with brownish and reddish palette, applying colors with the smokey eyes brush before and the eyeshadow brush after, to fade the tones. With the smokey eyes duo-brush by H&M I defined the lower part of eyes, using a darker brown shade. To give a “brilliant” touch don’t forget to apply  a little bit of white eyeshadow at he base of your eyes ;)

I cannot live without eyeliner so I try to use it almost in every kind of make-up I realize. I know it’s not so medieval, but it doesn’t matter. I used the Debora Precision black eyeliner only over the eyelids and a bit of black rimmel to give the final result (I have very long lashes on my own so I need rimmel only to make them darker).
On cheeks I applied the Essence Peach blush with the Sephora brush, but I had use some brown eyeshadow ‘cause it was too light and it could be invisible during the shooting. I didn’t apply lipstick in a first moment, then I didn’t resist and used the Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick in burgundy :P

Products list:
-Deborah powder “33”
-Max Factor Color Genius foundation with minerals “Ivory”
-Max Factor concealer “Ivory”
-Be Up face brush
-Essence “I love stage” base for eyeshadow
-Pupa palette
-H&M smokey eyes and eyeshadow brushes
- Deborah Precision black eyeliner
- The Color Workshop black rimmel
- Essence eyebrows gel
-Essence peach blush
-Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick “burgundy”

I hope you liked it!
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