domenica 6 maggio 2012

Review: Garnier Fresh products!

Today I'm gonna write something about this good product of Garnier, which I really appreciate.
It's the Garnier Fresh cleansing milk, which you can find easily in every supermarket. The product is recognizabile for a light green plastic bottle with white plug, and a creamy formula which cleans your skin gently. I use it twice a day and I love it! I have a combination skin which doesn't allow me to use every face cream or product, so girls with the same "problem" can understand very well how difficult is to find a good formula.
I tried lot of brands and creams to avoid imperfections as pimples and so on, but without good results or with too high prices; the Garnier Fresh product it's quite cheap and it's a good help against combination skin, but it's not the final solution if you have pimple problems during your menstrual cycle (like me).

I bought also the face cream with I found adorable! The formula is fluid and gives a real sensation of freshness all over the face and neck, I apply it everytime I feel the skin a little bit dry. Maybe it's not the cream of the dreams but works good ;)

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